Mary Magdalene - The Watchtower of the Flock

with Irina Kuzminsky
Tuesday 18 July
4.30 – 6.00 pm

Apostle to the apostles or whore?

In a world looking for female voices from the past, where are the female voices in the Christian story?

And why has the voice of Mary Magdalene been silenced? Slandered yet never quite suppressed, what does Mary Magdalene’s resurgence into consciousness signal for us today?

As female disciple and a leader central to the Jesus movement her rehabilitation at the very least opens up new pathways for women of the faith, beyond unattainable ideal or carrier of sexual guilt who is to keep silent.

We will explore her changing face through historical texts and poetry which seeks to open a space for reflection and encounter with her. And did you know Jesus named her the “Watchtower of the Flock”?

I will be presenting Mary Magdalene - The Watchtower of the Flock at Carmelite Library 214 Richardson Street - Middle Park on 18th July 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

18th July
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Carmelite Library
214 Richardson Street - Middle Park

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Artists and Lovers

My poetry collection, Artists and Lovers is due to be released by Tayen Lane in the summer 2017.

Writing on the Wall: How can Poetry Can Save the Planet?


Poets, thinkers, writers and people who care for the natural world will gather in Waterloo on Saturday, June 3, 2017 for a unique interactive day of exploring and learning how poetry can help us protect the environment.

Writing on the Wall is:

The conservation movement’s language is so often of fear, anger and despair. But poetry can take us down different paths, and find wonder there. Our invitation to the audienceduring this interactive day isto help build a vision, through words, of what the world might be. To go beyond the boundaries of despair and think again about the way we live in this world. And to explore a way of being together, being part of the world and not apart from it.

“Poetry, at its best, speaks directly to both heart and mind,” said poet Jay Ramsay who has put the programme together for the Southbank Festival. “It can do what little else can do. It can speak a language that moves beyond the data of climate change, beyond the tragedy of habitat loss and species extinction, into a place of truth, where we can find a vision of a different kind of ending. Effective poetry stirs us, evoking reactions and provoking thought and, hopefully, action and commitment.

Writing on the Wall is an invitation to everyone to step “beyond a world of eco-deliverables and eco-miserables” and to delight in the wonder of the world around us.

The full day programme includes a writing workshop on how to incorporate a true and authentic vision of nature into your writing. Throughout the day there are talks, discussions, meditations and performances featuring poets, musicians, conservationists, writers and representatives from faith, spirituality and publishing groups.

The poets, speakers and musicians include: Jeni Couzyn, Glyn Davies (WWF), Aidan Andrew Dun, Irina Kuzminsky, Paul Matthews, Caroline McCausland, Niall McDevitt, Jehanne Mehta, Gabriel Bradford Millar, Helen Moore, Peter Owen Jones, Jay Ramsay, Nigel Shaw and others.

Next steps
This is just the beginning. There are plans for an event at Dartington College in April 2018 and the project encourages anyone who is interested to take this further, using poetry - their own poems or other people’s - to provoke discussion, encourage debate and give hearts and minds a good shake.

Venue: St John’s Waterloo
Date: Saturday June 3, 2017
Times: 10.00 to 17.30, activities throughout the day. Tickets: £20
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Press Tickets:
Sarah Dallas 07980-224-632

Concert programme with Lawrence Ball

On June 4 Irina willl be presenting a concert programme of some of jer work alongside composer Lawrence Ball in a by invitation only concert in North London.

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